Max Khachmanukian (b. 1977) – Russian composer working across several musical genres varying from electronic to neo-classical.                

In early 2016, his work "De Rerum Natura | Saxophone Quartet" was completed. Musicians that took part in the recording are the following: Glazunov Saxophone Quartet consisting of Andrei Kravchenko (soprano saxophone), Gennady Poluyaktov (alto saxophone), Stanislav Pyalov (tenor saxophone), Alexander Strelyaev (baritone saxophone); Edyta Fil (flutes), Svetlana Boichenko (soprano). 

Debut performance of the "Saxophone Quartet" was held on February 12th, 2016 at the Hall of Directorate for Educational Programs in the Sphere of Culture and Art during the lecture-concert "Minimalism. New Simplicity, New Complexity".

"De Rerum Natura | Saxophone Quartet" CD and web release: October, 2017. Composed and produced by Max Khachmanukian, 2012-2016.  Recorded at Legend Studio, Moscow | Mastering by Diana Gorovaya, Saturday Mastering Studio

Artwork is based on painting "INQUIRY #2" by Kirsten Rotbøll Lassen | | Beauton Art Gallery | Design: Nikolay Kupriyanov |